Our Mission & Vision


At Immortal Designs, our mission is to provide unique, memorable, and affordable design assets and content management tools that will stand the test of time. By understanding current design trends and applying knowledge of successful marketing strategies, we are able to help clients build a brand that endures for years to come. ​


We are dedicated to building a beautiful digital and print landscape for entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can adapt and grow.

Our objectives


  • Create extraordinary branding for new businesses

  • Rebuild outdated websites and graphics

  • Restructure business workflows to improve efficiency 

  • Improve struggling businesses through social media campaigns

  • Provide a platform for LGBTQ-owned, Women-owned, and Minority-owned businesses 

Our Motto

"Designs That Last"

Our motto embodies the idea of building brands that will endure the test of time. With the uptick in ephemeral trends year-after-year, it becomes more essential to create something that can adapt and thrive in an amorphous digital marketplace. 

Our story

Once upon a time, in an apartment far far away (in Long Beach, CA), there lived a downtrodden college student by the name of Kyler Pinkowski. He was eager to start his career in visual art and was lucky enough to have the friendship of Josh Vall, the owner of a well-established fashion house. They would go on to work with their first client together,  Jan Spiller Astrology. 

After the success and fulfillment of completing their first project together, Josh and Kyler decided to start their very own design studio. Just like that, Immortal Designs was born. They would be driven by their motto, 'Designs That Last', to create assets that would endure transitory trends.