product photography/staging

Health & Wellness Products:

Cold wax co.

These product photos were part of a website update to improve visitor conversion and create a cleaner site design. The previous photos were set against a black background with fake colorful flowers surrounding them, taking attention away from the beautiful products and white packaging. We fixed that.


social awareness campaigns


world wildlife foundation

As a response to growing climate concerns, the WWF commissioned this artwork to increase awareness and urge people around the world to be environmentally conscious of everything they do that may have a negative impact on the world. 


Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Following the 2011 Fukushima reactor explosion, thousands of tons of nuclear waste spilled into the Pacific Ocean causing environmental devastation. This poster was created as part of a social awareness campaign for the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability. The imagery is intended to make the viewer think twice before eating something that could possibly be contaminated with radioactive waste. 


Band Typography:

imagine dragons

This typographic logo was created as a concept for the rock band Imagine Dragons. The flowing typography was meant to mimic the organic silhouette of a dragon just after it had leapt into the air. 


Library Branding:

Santa Barbara

City college:

Luria Library

We were asked to create a unified brand for the school's library. The primary focus of this brand design was to create something easily legible, contemporary, and clean. 

Phone Screen




the night owl

Traditional media was off the table for this art piece. The artist, Kyler Pinkowski, was working on this owl painting at 2 a.m. when he accidentally knocked over his coffee, soaking the page that he had been tirelessly inking for hours. Just as he was ready to admit defeat, a fleeting neural spark gave him the idea to infuse his ink with coffee.


abstraction 1

Can you find the hidden meaning in this abstract organic / geometric image?

Hover over image for answer.


album art



Ether (by dj: part-y)

This album artwork was inspired by Ether's various definitions; a volatile, highly flammable liquid, and the upper regions of air beyond the clouds. Not only will Part-Y's album take you beyond the clouds, but it also has the power to blow your mind, and we wanted to embody those feelings through pixelated flames and ethereal cloud-like patterns. 


social banners


Nursing Banner Design:

Socal cns

This banner was created for a LinkedIn group that helps connect the men and women of our healthcare industry. This group was created to improve communication between different Southern California hospital systems so that standards of care are maintained. The concept of the banner is quite simple, it features the caduceus, a well-known symbol of healthcare, and a group of nurses, surgeons, doctors, and other medical staff. 




Animated GIF:

the god pill

This animated GIF was created for an article titled 'The God Pill' which was written for the popular magazine The New Yorker. The article was about humanity's quest for immortality and the GIF was created to embody the ideology of eternal life through a neverending stream of sand. It all began as a pencil illustration and was brought into the digital realm to create movement and interest for the reader.  




Cabin Rental Flyer Design:

idyllwild cabins

At the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Immortal Designs was commissioned by the owner of Idyllwild Vacation Cabins to create a flyer that would promote their offer to house first responders' families. This flyer showcases three of their most popular rentals, how they are addressing the pandemic, and how they are creating a conducive environment to protect those most vulnerable to the disease.


Stock photography

Stock Photography: 

frozen in time

Quality photographs are the cornerstone of every successful business, especially in our visual-centric world. We love taking photos of nature, architecture, sculptures, people, and pretty much everything that catches our eye. 


photo editing

Photo Edit:

the giraffe man

In order to showcase our photo editing prowess, we made this random unicycle rider into a giraffe. That's it. He's a giraffe now. We have not figured out how to un-giraffe him. Oops.